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Introduction to Edge Detection | What is Edge Detection

Edge detection is a technique of image processing used to identify points in a digital image with discontinuities, simply to say, sharp changes in the image brightness. These points where the image...
Feature Extraction

What is Feature Extraction? Feature Extraction in Image Processing

In real life, all the data we collect are in large amounts. To understand this data, we need a process. Manually, it is not possible to process...

What is Histogram Equalization and how it works?

IntroductionHistogram equalizationSteps Involved AlgorithmExampleCLAHE (Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization) Contributed by: Sreekanth Introduction¬†to Histogram Equalization Image pre-processing is the term for operations...
Image pre-processing

Introduction to Image Pre-processing | What is Image Pre-processing?

Introduction to Image Pre-ProcessingPixel brightness transformations(PBT)Gamma CorrectionHistogram equalizationSigmoid stretching Geometric TransformationsImage Filtering and SegmentationImage SegmentationFourier transform Contributed to: Sreekanth LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sreekanth-tadakaluru-3301649b/ Introduction to...
low level vision

Computer Vision: Low-level Vision

Image ProcessingWhat happens if we increase the number of bits in an image?TranslationRe-sizingRotationWhat are the different colour spaces available?Where is Grey-colour Space useful?The Fourier TransformWhat are the advantages derived in the...