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    descriptive vs inferential statistics

    Descriptive Statistics Vs. Inferential Statistics

    Contributed by: P. Renukadevi IntroductionDescriptive StatisticsMeasure of Central TendencyMeasure of dispersionInferential StatisticsSteps in Hypothesis testing Introduction Statistics is as old as...
    inferential statistics

    Inferential Statistics – An Overview | Introduction to Inferential Statistics

    IntroductionPopulation and SampleWhat is Inferential StatisticsImportance of Inferential StatisticsProbabilityConditional ProbabilityProbability Distribution and Distribution functionSampling DistributionCentral Limit TheoremConfidence IntervalHypothesis TestingZ-TestT-TestDifferent types of T-testChi-square testANOVA - Analysis of VarianceConclusion Reference Introduction