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What is TensorFlow? The Machine Learning Library Explained

What is Tensorflow?- What are Tensors? - How to install Tensorflow- Tensorflow Basics- Shape - Type - Graph- Session- OperatorsTensorflow Python Simplified- Creating a Graph and Running it in a SessionLinear...
machine learning earthquake

Machine Learning picks Hidden Vibrations from Earthquake Data

Empirical observations of earthquakes were rare until the 1750s. In fact, until the 18th century, very few factual descriptions of earthquakes were recorded, and the natural cause of earthquakes was entirely misunderstood....
fuzzy logic tutorial

Fuzzy Logic Tutorial History, Implementation, Advantages and how it’s used

What Is Fuzzy Logic?History of Fuzzy LogicImplementation of Fuzzy Logic SystemWhy Fuzzy Logic?Fuzzy Logic SetsHow is Fuzzy Logic Used?Fuzzy Logic Systems ArchitectureCharacteristics of Fuzzy LogicWhen not to use fuzzy logicHow is...
overfitting and underfitting in machine learning

Overfitting and Underfitting in Machine Learning

IntroductionWhy do our models perform poor sometimes?Model BasicsTraining and Testing DataModel BuildingHow do you differentiate between overfitting and underfitting?How to overcome overfitting and underfitting in your ML model?
information security

Machine Learning and Information Security: Impact and Trends

Machine learning is the latest to make waves in the field of Information Security, and for good reason. The support of complex algorithms that ‘learn’ and grow is invaluable to human analysts,...