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marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics Definition, Overview, Benefits | What is Marketing Analytics?

Contributed by: Nallaperumal K LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nallaperumal-k-5b6490129/ Analytics in Marketing Marketing, in general, is referred to as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and...
Email Marketing Best Practices

5 Best Practices for Email Marketing to Grow Your Business | How Does Email...

Email marketing is traditional and if used correctly, is still the best way to acquire new customers and connect with your existing customers. What makes email marketing so effective even now is...
design thinking solving problems

How can Design Thinking Solve Your Next Marketing Problem?

Unlike most professionals, UX designers will always have an evolving description of their job position. This disparity arises not because designers inherently have differing beliefs about what UX design encompasses, but it’s...
Design Thinking For Marketers

Use Design Thinking For Marketing Campaigns

This is an era of unprecedented change, and brands need to keep up with soaring consumer expectations to stay relevant and become successful. Also, the socio-economic landscape is fluid and complex enough...