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    Top 30 Most Common Azure Interview questions

    Here is the top 30 most common Azure Interview questions What is Azure AD? Azure Active Directory is primarily an identity and access management service...
    azure lighthouse

    Everything you should know about Azure Lighthouse

    Azure Lighthouse is a service designed by Microsoft that provides advanced automation on Azure Cloud Services. It assures you to manage Azure estates of several customers and protects your IP management. 
    Azure data factory

    What is Azure Data Factory | What is Data Factory in Azure?

    How does it Operate?Combine and Assemble in AzureRemodel and EnhanceCI/CD and DistributeMonitorTop-level TheoriesPipelineMapping Data FlowsActivityDatasetsLinked ServicesTriggersPipeline RunsParametersControl FlowVariables Cloud computing offers computing assistance—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics,...
    Microsoft azure Machine learning Studio

    Azure Tutorial | Predicting using Azure Machine Learning Tutorial

    You might have heard of Machine learning, and even know all the basics but somehow you are finding it hard to code what you understood in those...
    Cloud Computing Industry Spends

    Cloud Computing Industry Spends | Cloud Computing Statistics in 2021

    Cloud Computing is the new oil of Application hosting and infrastructure planning. The demand for Cloud Computing has skyrocketed in the last half a decade. With increasing demands, businesses have realized the...