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What is Artificial Intelligence? How does AI work, Types and Future of it?

Table of Content What is Artificial Intelligence?History of Artificial IntelligenceHow Artificial Intelligence Works?What are the types of Artificial Intelligence? Where is AI Used?What are the Prerequisites for...
POS tagging

Part of Speech (POS) tagging with Hidden Markov Model

What is POS tagging?Techniques for POS taggingPOS tagging with Hidden Markov ModelOptimizing HMM with Viterbi Algorithm Implementation using Python What is Part of Speech (POS) tagging?
named entity recognition

What is Named Entity Recognition (NER) Applications and Uses?

What is Named Entity Recognition (NER)?NER using NLTKIOB taggingNER using spacyApplications of NER What is Named Entity Recognition (NER)? NER, short for, Named Entity Recognition...
bag of words

An Introduction to Bag of Words (BoW) | What is Bag of Words?

Contributed by - Data Science Learn What is Bag of Words in NLP?Why is the Bag of Words algorithm used?Understanding Bag of Words with an exampleImplementing Bag of...
Natural Language Processing Tutorial

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tutorial: A Step by Step Guide

Artificial Intelligence.How did Natural Language Processing come to exist?How does Natural Language Processing work? Why Natural Language Processing is important?Why is advancement in the field of Natural Language Processing necessary?What can Natural...