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MBA Specializations

Which are the most in-demand MBA specializations with highest paying jobs?

You may have heard that Executive PGPM is the key to a lucrative job and plush life. And, that is true. Master of Business Administration programs are extremely coveted for the sole...
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10 Essential Tech Tools for Online Management Program Students

In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Our dependence on technology in current times has increased manifold. Start-ups, both Indian and International, are coming up with new...
online MBA in India

On-Campus MBA vs Online MBA in India. Which is right for you?

Introduction Factors that can help you make an informed decision on which MBA to chooseBenefits of Online MBA in India Benefits of On-campus MBA in India What do employers think of Online MBA in India?Conclusion-...
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Top Career Options after pursuing Online MBA programs

If you have just completed your online MBA (Master of Business Administration) program or researching what your next steps are, you must be wondering what your top career options after completing the...
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Why this is the Perfect Time to do an Online MBA

Students from various fields of education often pursue an MBA program at some point during their careers. The number of applicants looking to pursue an MBA program in India is increasing every...