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cloud computing services

Things The Pandemic Taught Us About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has catered different needs of the world over the years. However, the world saw a drastic change in social aspects of human life at the start of the year 2020....
AI in manufacture post pandemic

How AI can Revolutionise the Manufacturing Industry post Pandemic

The Manufacturing Industry not only builds the foundation of the economy but also creates rewarding careers. Hence, it essentially requires high levels of accuracy, continuous improvements in the quality of production, and...
Industries impacted by covid-19

Industries most and least impacted by COVID-19: A Quick Look

The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis can be seen in the climbing infection rates and death tolls. In addition to this, the impact can also be felt on the economy, due...
AI pandemic

How AI Can Save us From Fake News During The Pandemic

Before coronavirus had emerged, Burning Glass estimated that Artificial Intelligence associated jobs and roles would grow up to 40.1% over the next decade. If the COVID-19 crisis continues at this rate, this...