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    Tableau Interview

    Strings in C++ | What are Strings in C++?

    Table of Content Code: C StringsCode: String ObjectsConcatenationNumbers and StringsString LengthUser Input StringsTypes of StringsAccess StringsOmitting NamespaceOperations on StringsPredefined String Functions Let’s assume there are five...
    best programming language to learn

    What are the best programming languages to learn in 2021?

    Several IT jobs today are demanding for their employees to have a solid grasp of the top programming languages - yes, more than one. If you are someone who is looking to...
    octave tutorial

    Octave Tutorial | Everything that you need to know

    What is Octave?Advantages of Octave over othersDownload Octave for your PCUseful things to knowVariables and Data typesFunctionsMatricesOperatorsStringsProgrammingPlottingFiles I/OSave your file & load it when needed What is Octave?
    Cyber Security Career Path

    Cyber Security Career Path: Programming Languages Every Cyber Security Professional Must Know

    Irrespective of whether you are a security enthusiast, a future developer, or a veteran, the reality is that the tech terrain is ever-changing. And due to this ever-changing trend, the cyber security...

    R Tutorial

    Index Introduction to RR-environment setupR basic Syntax R data typesR variablesR operatorsR functionsLoop FunctionsR vectorsR listsR matricesR arraysR factorsR data framesR packagesR-CSV filesR-Charts and Graphs Introduction...