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    Pygame Tutorial

    Introduction-Pygame TutorialSyntax DefinitionsGeometric DesignsFonts and TextInput ModelsScene Logic Introduction - Pygame Tutorial This Pygame Tutorial will help you understand the basics and help you to...
    python script

    How to Run a Python Script

    The historical blur between scripting languages and general-purpose programming languages has caused Python to be considered as a scripting language by a large audience. Python is a general-purpose programming language that also...

    Why is Python So Popular for AI and Machine Learning?

    With each passing minute, AI and machine learning are grabbing more eyeballs than ever. Who'd have thought that there could exist a self-driven car or smartphones that forecast what weather it will...

    What is Numpy in Python | Python Numpy Tutorial

    Operations Using NumPyNumPy Data TypesData Type Objects NumPy - Array Creation RoutinesNumPy - Indexing & SlicingNumPy - Advanced IndexingInteger Indexing Boolean Array IndexingNumPy - Iterating Over ArrayNumPy - BroadcastingNumPy - Iterating Over...
    Machine learning algorithms in Python

    5 Most Used Machine Learning Algorithms in Python

    Machine learning is the concept of programming the machine in such a way that it learns from its experiences and different examples, without being programmed explicitly. It is an application of AI...