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linear discriminant analysis

Linear Discriminant Analysis or LDA in Python

Contributed by: Rahul Singh LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-singh-3b213117/ Linear Discriminant AnalysisWhy do we need to reduce dimensions in a data set?How to deal with a high dimensional dataset?Assumptions...
classes and objects in python

Classes and Objects in Python

What do you see when you look around you? You see a lot of objects, don’t you! If you see a laptop in front of you, what is it?...
Mutable and Immutable in Python

Understanding Mutable and Immutable in Python

Object mutability is one of the characteristics that makes Python a dynamically typed language. Today, we are going to understand: what is object mutability? Though Mutable and Immutable in...
Image Steganography

Image Steganography Explained | What is Image Steganography?

What is Steganography?How is this different from cryptography?Incidents from historyUse cases or applications of steganographyTypes of steganography techniquesUnderstanding image steganographyDetecting steganographyImage steganography demonstration in R Contributed by: Sendil...
label encoding in python

Label Encoding in Python Explained

Label Encoding IntroductionNominal ScaleOrdinal ScaleLabel EncodingLabel Encoding using PythonOne-Hot EncodingOne-Hot Encoding using PythonOrdinal EncodingOrdinal Encoding using Python Contributed by: Satish RajendranLinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/satish-rajendran85 Introduction...