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    covariance vs correlation

    Covariance vs Correlation | Difference between correlation and covariance

    The terms covariance and correlation are very similar to each other in probability theory and statistics. Both the terms describe the extent to which a random variable or a set of random...

    Understanding Distributions in Statistics

    What is Distribution?Measurement level of DataWhat does Data do? In What ways it matters most?Why are Distributions ImportantDifference between Frequency and Probability DistributionTypes of DistributionsPython Libraries for DistributionsBernoulli DistributionNormal DistributionBinomial DistributionPoisson...
    Mean Square Error

    Mean Squared Error – Explained | What is Mean Square Error?

    Contributed by: Swati Deval LinkedIn Profile: In Statistics, Mean Square Error (MSE) is defined as Mean or Average of the square of the difference between actual and...
    monte carlo simulation

    Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance and Risk Management

    Monte Carlo Simulation: IntroductionImportant Terms Theory of Monte Carlo Simulation Monte Carlo In Finance Forecasting the stock price using Monte Carlo Analysis  Geometric Brownian Motion (GBM)
    poisson distribution

    3 W’s of Poisson Distribution: What, Why and Where?

    Contributed by: Shreya Shetty LinkedIn Profile: If you’re looking for an easy interpretation of Poisson Distribution, you have come to the right place. Before we get into...