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    Learning analytics is my passion and dream – Vonita Das, PGP DSBA

    Growing up, we're often expected to know where our passion lies. However, more often than not, we figure out our dreams later on in life. Working towards...
    success story

    Newly learned skills helped me in my current job – Abhishek Bose, PGP DSBA

    Upskilling in the field of Data Science and Business Analytics can surely benefit your career and help you power ahead. Read further to learn about Abhishek’s journey...

    PGP- DSE is taught by best-in-class faculty- Ronita Dhar

    Data Science as a field has shown massive growth over the past few years and continues to move on an upward trajectory. Ronita Dhar talks about her journey with Great Learning’s PGP...

    Analytics is an ongoing process of acquiring knowledge – Ashish Tripathi, PGP DSBA

    Data Science and Business Analytics is constantly evolving. Taking up a course to learn these concepts will help you advance in your career. Read about Ashish's journey...

    The course proved to be extremely beneficial for me – Rohith Sharma Khambhammettu, AIML

    To continue being successful at work, it is important to upskill. Improving your knowledge about a particular topic is an advantage over your peers. Take a look at how Rohith Sharma Khambhammettu...