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    AI and Data Analytics to be used in Indian Railways – Weekly Guide

    Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics are applied in almost every industry today. They are now being applied to the Indian Railways as well. In this week’s guide, we will talk about how...

    31 Data Science and Analytics Predictions for 2021- Weekly Guide

    Data Science and Analytics have grown to be one of the most widely used technologies in recent times. Newer advancements are taking place regularly. In this week’s guide, let us take a...

    Predictions in Data Science and Analytics for 2021 – Weekly Guide

    As we leave the previous year behind and step into 2021, we hope for the technological world to continue showing advancements. If you are working in the field of data analytics and...

    Analytics is reshaping the education industry during remote learning- Weekly Guide

    We have seen how Data Science solutions are being applied across various industries. Data Science and its applications are widely used. In this week’s guide, let us see how data science will...

    Microsoft partners with Netflix to help you learn Data Science- Weekly Guide

    We have seen how data science has grown over the past few years. There are currently close to one lakh job openings in India alone. So you can imagine the demand for...