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Data Science and Analytics have multiple applications across various domains. We have seen Analytics solutions being developed to identify symptoms of COVID-19 among patients. Telangana is one such state which is leveraging Analytics to help in decision making. Also, the application of Data Analytics in analyzing images captured by the Solar Dynamic Observatory has become widely popular.  

Telangana uses Data Analytics for COVID-19 decision making

One unit of the government advisory firm, Sapio Umbrella, is aiding Telangana in its fight against the deadly coronavirus. The team consists of over 500 experts. The team members are from various domains such as molecular biology, economics, social sciences, epidemiology, and more. They are all working together to optimize the impact of COVID-19 on society and the economy. 

Sapio provides recommendations for lockdown plans while simultaneously studying the impact on the economy and the spread of the virus. It studies the impact that the virus has on various industries, services, water supply, agriculture, and more. It comes up with a plan to revive the economy and uplift the society. 

Data Scientists at NASA are employing GPU-powered workstations 

To accelerate the analysis of images captured by the Solar Dynamic Observatory, Data Scientists are employing GPU-powered workstations and local storage. The biggest challenge faced by Data Scientists is the massive volume of data and imagery. Currently at 20 petabytes and growing. NASA researchers are required to comb through 150 million error files that need to be sorted through. 

One obvious solution to this would be supercomputers. But the SDO analysts have turned to GPU-based algorithms. Data Science workflows based on Python, TensorFlow, and other Machine Learning algorithms will be used to help in accelerating the computations by close to 150 times. One of the key requirements is the ability to iterate calculations and get a quick result. 

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