Hundreds of industry leaders prefer the Stanford Design Thinking Program to enable them to innovate for better business outcomes. Here’s why:

1. A structured curriculum

This program has been designed to help participants build an understanding of the user’s need. This involves engaging them in empathetic interactions, so they can apply what you’ve learned to boost business outcomes.

The capstone projects encourage participants to choose a real time problem that they or their community are likely to come across. Participants get a chance to apply their classroom training and build solutions that employ all the design thinking core principles.

2. Learn from world-class faculty

This course has been designed by Dr Stefanos Zenios, the faculty co-director and the architect of Startup Garage, that helps hundreds of learners to innovate in Silicon Valley. 

Dr. Stefanos Zenios is a pioneering figure in the world of design thinking and he brings a lot of industry insights to teach participants relevant practices. His experience and knowledge of the Silicon Valley help professionals understand and master the process of innovation.

Apart from co-authoring books which showcase how design can drive innovation, Dr. Zenios is an innovative teacher and researcher.

To experience Prof. Stefanos’ teaching style and insights, watch this mini-lesson.

3. Learn from your peers

Our program witnesses an interesting cohort of professionals each year who inspire each other. From contributing to each other’s projects to encouraging each other to bring out the best in themselves, your peer group not only keeps updated but also on your toes.

Candidates have an average work experience of 8 to 10 years, with 51% of the batch having 12+ years of experience. Learning with them significantly enhances learning outcomes, and gives you a broad industry perspective. 

4. Get the Stanford advantage

This program is designed and based on the popular Startup Garage course, whose alums have founded 80 companies, and 30 of these have raised funds from investors.

The live interaction with the tenured faculty from Stanford Graduate School of business and weekly assignments ensure that you grasp the concepts well and apply them effectively. Additionally, the program also incorporates a feedback session to help participants understand their progress and overcome the challenges they might face.

5. Get global recognition

Participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is a top ranked business school, known for producing successful business leaders each year. Becoming an alumnus of this prestigious business school will give you an unmatched global recognition.

6. Build practical skills

To make the most out of your learning, you will be required to do 10 assignments in which multiple brainstorm techniques will be used to find innovative solutions. 

The finale project will offer you a chance to synthesize all the knowledge you would have acquired during the program. The industry insights will prepare you for real world applications.

7. 0% EMI Option

Eduvanze provides financial help at 0% EMI which has to be repaid in 12 months in 12 equal instalments. If opting for 24 Months or 36 Months repayment options, the interest rate of 6.5% & 7.5% will be applied respectively. (Processing fee and conversion fee are charged separately).

8. Opportunity to become Course Facilitator

After the completion of the course, you stand a chance to become a course facilitator. Based on your performance, Stanford GSB can select two learners from the batch to become the course facilitators for Design Thinking.

9. Feedback

Participants will receive weekly feedback from a Course Facilitator on their assignments and progress in the course. In addition, there will be ‘Office Hours’ where participants will be meeting the course facilitators through a virtual platform.

10. Flexibility

This course is tailor-made for working professionals who are looking to stay ahead of the curve without hampering their working hours. The course is very flexible and requires only 3 to 5 hours a week for lecture videos, assignments and, peer interaction. The main benefit is learners will have access to the content for an entire month post-program completion.

If you wish you know how Design Thinking drives innovation and revolutionises products and services, follow our design thinking blog.

If you would like to know more about the design thinking program, just click design thinking program curriculum.



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