Generalized linear models

    Generalized Linear Models | What does it mean?

    What is a Generalized Linear Model? Contributed by: Prabhu Ram Generalized Linear Model (GLiM, or GLM) is an advanced statistical modelling technique formulated by John Nelder...
    :earn more about Friend Functions in C++

    Friend Functions in C++ | All You Need to Know

    Topics Covered Under Friend Function in C++ are: What is Friend Function?What is the Friend function in C++?Declaration of a friend function in C++Characteristics of Friend Function in...
    shell scripting tutorial

    Shell Scripting Tutorial

    In this Shell Scripting Tutorial, we are going to learn everything about shell scripting. The need for shell scripting is increasing day by day. Shell scripting languages can be used for multiple...
    Best Linux Command

    Best Linux Commands that everyone should know

    This article covers the following topic:                                                 What is Linux??History of LinuxWhy use Linux??What is Linux Command?Why bother learning Linux Command??Advantage of using command-LineBest Linux Command Linux that everyone should...

    React JS Tutorial for Beginners | What is React JS or Overview of JS...

       What is React JS?   Prerequisites For React JS   Why use React JS?   Single Page Application   JSX   React Component   State and props in React JS   Virtual DOM   Node JS and React JS   Create React App    Next-Generation JavaScript LetConstFunction DeclarationFunction ExpressionArrow Function in JavaScriptExportImportRestSpreadDestructuring...