inline functions C++

    Inline Functions in C++ | What is an Inline Functions in C++

    Out of several exciting concepts of C++, the inline functions can prove to be pretty useful when it comes to the performance of a program. Before making a function inline, it is...

    Priority Queue In C++

    What is a Priority Queue? A  priority queue in c++ is a type of container adapter, which processes only the highest priority element, i.e. the first element will be...
    copy constructor in C++

    Copy Constructor in C++

    Index: DefinitionClassificationConstructor Copies Let us begin by first understanding what a constructor is before we dive in what copy constructor in C++ is.
    c++ inheritance

    C++ Inheritance

    In our daily lives, we often hear people say that you are like your mom; some say you are like your dad, some say your nose is like your grandfather, etc. But...

    Map in C++

    What is MAP?Containers PropertiesConcept of Key-ValueThe Generic Syntax of the MapsWhy We Use a Map?How to Use Map?Inbuilt Functions in MapMember TypeDestructor in MapAdvantages of MapDisadvantages of MapCan we use the map...