Inheritance In Java

Inheritance in Java and Types of Inheritance in Java

When a class is declared, with its specification, and the other sub-class members will want to use its member methods(functions); that’s when they will go for inheritance concepts. Inheritance concepts are everywhere in...
ethical hacking tools

Top popular Ethical Hacking tools to look out for in 2021

Ethical Hacking is a part of the cybersecurity discipline widely followed by major tech-industry to protect their organization from unethical hacking. Automation has left its trademark on every industry out there, and...

Top reasons to join Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Program

We are presently living in a world hurtling towards total digital transformation, where data, being the prime resource, is to be treasured and safeguarded. But having digital assets secured is easier said...
Constructor in C++

Constructor In C++

A constructor in C++ is a special ‘MEMBER FUNCTION’ having the same name as that of its class which is used to initialize some valid values to the data members of an...
file handling in java

What is File Handling in Java?

File handling in Java is defined as reading and writing data to a file. The particular file class from the package called allows us to handle and work with different formats...