multinomial naive bayes

    Multinomial Naive Bayes Explained

    Introduction to Multinomial Naïve Bayes The Bag of Words ModelDifference between Bernoulli, Multinomial and Gaussian Naïve BayesAdvantagesDisadvantagesApplications Contributed by: Gautam Solanki LinkedIn Profile:
    Mean Square Error

    Mean Squared Error – Explained | What is Mean Square Error?

    Contributed by: Swati Deval In Statistics, Mean Square Error (MSE) is defined as Mean or Average of the square of the difference between actual and estimated values.
    Kaplan Meier Curve

    Kaplan-Meier Curve Explained | What is Kaplan-Meier Curve?

    Contributed by: Patrick In our everyday life, we come across many time-to-event examples. What does time-to-event mean? It is a course duration variable for each case/subject of interest...
    lasso regression

    A Complete understanding of LASSO Regression

    Understanding Lasso RegressionRegularizationRegularization TechniquesLasso RegressionMathematical equation of Lasso RegressionLasso Regression Implementation in PythonLasso Regression Implementation in RLasso Regression Vs Ridge Regression Contributed by: Dinesh Kumar
    label encoding in python

    Label Encoding in Python Explained

    Label Encoding IntroductionNominal ScaleOrdinal ScaleLabel EncodingLabel Encoding using PythonOne-Hot EncodingOne-Hot Encoding using PythonOrdinal EncodingOrdinal Encoding using Python Contributed by: Satish RajendranLinkedIn Profile: