TravoBOT – “Move freely in pandemic” (AWS Serverless Chatbot)

    Team Members:1. Deepmala Agarwal2. Arun Mohan3. Ghanshyam Kumar Singh4. Hitaish Raina Of all the things that this pandemic has taught us, one of the primary concern that many people...

    Image Classification using CNN

    Nowadays, everyone syncs their images in Google Photos. Have you ever noticed that Google Photo either identifies the person or asks you by pointing out the picture to correctly identify the person?...

    Enhancement in Customer Satisfaction

    Contributed by - Ashok Kumar PGP-DSBA alumnus I am working as Program Manager with one of the large IT firms in India. In one of my...
    e commerce

    Use Design Thinking To Succeed in E-Commerce

    Modern-day consumers are experience-driven, who are always on the lookout for fresh experiences. Businesses have to be consistent in giving them something new to be competitive in the market. We often find...
    how to optimize blog for seo

    How to optimize blog for SEO?

    Introducing a blog segment to your website is a great tool to get Google to rank the website higher up on the search results. Whether you are thinking of writing blog posts...