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Data Science is the study of data. It help us to developing methods of storing and analyzing data to useful information. Let’s see the videos of Data Science to understand it better or check how to get started with Data Science.

Reinforcement machine learning

Data Science Skills Study 2019

Data Science Top Trends As is true with every emerging field of technology, data science has been undergoing several transformations every year. Data science professionals need to be informed about the constant changes and new...
data science

Public Data: A Data Scientist’s dream

We’ve all heard how data science will transform (if it hasn’t already) the business landscape, touching everything from our supermarkets to our hospitals and our airlines to our credit cards. Most companies in the...

How gamification can transform education

If courses were designed in the form of a game, students would be focused on mastery as opposed to rote memorization and getting a grade. When implemented correctly, gamification can result in higher levels...

Data Scientists: An equally good career option for Women

Yes, data science is a good career choice for women! Did you know women by nature are excellent contrarian thinkers? And one goal of data science is to dig for unknown truths in a variety...