Is the line above ringing any bells?

Game of Thrones

Yes, here we are talking about none other than the 

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Whether you’re a fan or not, the exciting, suspenseful, absorbing (and even the highest-grossing) TV series can teach us some serious leadership lessons

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Keep reading to learn some powerful lessons on leadership from the characters on the show. 

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Courage is a key to great leadership

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Dany went through trials and tribulations to reclaim the iron throne. In the workplace, you will undoubtedly encounter projects and situations that are difficult, but it is by addressing and rising above them that you will hone the qualities to become a leader.

Be Daenerys Targaryen

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Collaborate with people you can learn from

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Sansa was never shy to approach other houses in the North. Be like her and improve collaboration that could help drive a more disruptive agenda and secure better outcomes.

Be Sansa Stark 

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Act as an intelligent diplomat

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The character of Tyrion, who often served as the voice of the show, is most often cited by male business leaders. In times of conflict, follow Tyrion’s example by demonstrating empathy.

Be Tyrion Lannister

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Be the one who leads by example 

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Ned Stark was a man for whom honour was everything. Like him, leaders are mostly under more scrutiny than they ever realize. What they do is often seen as an example for others.

Be Ned Stark

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Build Culture and Unite Teams

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John Snow always focused on the well-being of his people. To master his exemplary leadership style, start by letting go of your ego and cultivating a strong desire to serve others.

Be Jon Snow 

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