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Recent Developments in Data Science have opened up opportunities in various fields like Healthcare and E-commerce. Events focused on data science and analytics are taking place all over the globe. If you wish to keep up with the recent developments, here are some articles that will take you through the recent advancements in data science and analytics. 


Data science has emerged as one of the most demanding fields for employment. A large amount of data generated by companies across industries is growing at an unprecedented rate. INR 10,23,915 is the national average salary in India, but the city that you are work at also makes a difference to the salary that you will receive. Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi have increased their share of analytics jobs this year. Take a look at the Top 10 highest paying cities for Data Science, in India.  

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Data Science, The Fourth Industrial Revolution And The Future Of Entrepreneurship

It is important to follow current trends in order to gain insight into the potential future of different industries. Bryce Welker, who is the CEO of multiple companies, believes that the next big thing is an intersection of two large trends: The field of data science as well as the fourth industrial revolution. In the age of the internet, we have a huge amount of data available to us through our smartphones and social media. Through a combination of previously available methods such as statistics and mathematics, this new field has grown into a lucrative career path. 

SS Dempo College organises workshop on Data Science and Digital Analytics

There was a two-day state-level workshop on ‘Data Science and Digital Analytics’ held at the Department of Information technology, SS Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Cujira. The main aim of this workshop was to bridge the gap between academics and industry in the latest and upcoming sector of digital marketing. The workshop was attended by faculty members from 16 colleges. BITS Pilani, National Institute of Malaria Research, Goa College of Pharmacy, were among a few. The resource person for this event was Hemant Palivela who is the head of artificial intelligence at eClerx Services Limited, Mumbai. 

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Data Science has the power to transform patient health. The healthcare industry needs to leverage digital technologies to offer better solutions. Data-driven digital solutions help in many ways and can bring new medicines to patients faster than ever before. It can be used for earlier detection of diseases, tailoring treatment according to an individual patient’s needs, accelerating the development of new medicines, etc. The increase in speed and efficiency of clinical trials is one of the most highly anticipated benefits of Data Science. One example of digital therapy is mobile gaming. This could help patients manage chronic health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.  

5 ways Data Science drives E-commerce Revenue 

Data Science involves processing large data sets which may be structured or unstructured. What has aided the growth of this industry is that for the first time, companies are dealing with massive amounts of data that humans cannot process without advanced computer methods. Price Optimization, Product Visualization and Recommendations are just some ways through which Data Science drives E-commerce Revenue. Read further to know in detail, how Data Science helps drive sales. 
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