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Data science is one of the fastest evolving domains today, with professionals striving to find practical solutions for the digital economy. Dubbed as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, Data science garners a surprising amount of questions. As professionals and students try to demystify the domain, we bring the latest developments and changes in it to help you stay updated. Keep reading to learn all about the top trends. 
Python 3.9: New Changes Data Scientists should Expect
Python Software Foundation released Python 3.8 on Monday, which has new features to deliver an enhanced developer experience. The changelog for Python 3.9 was introduced simultaneously, prompting data scientists worldwide to become familiarised with the changes. This article focuses on all the new advancements and modifications in the new version of the changelog. 
Synthetic data: A new frontier for data science
GDPR has made data capturing and distributing difficult for all Europe based organisations. This scarcity of data has affected businesses and data scientists alike. Synthetic data has emerged as a promising solution to this problem. Sophisticated synthetic data which is anonymously generated and is based on ghost individual can be used effectively by data scientists to replace traditional historical data.
L1ght Saves Kids From Online Toxicity, Using Data Science And AI 
Children spending more time on the internet is a growing concern for parents. L1ght has developed a platform that ensures children are protected against toxic content online. This platform uses deep learning, a subset of machine learning and data science to screen through images, texts, video, voice and sound in real-time to identify the ‘anti-toxic’ categories. The need for ‘toxicity’ moderation has pushed L1ght to come up with solutions that protect children against online abuse.
Data Scientists in MNCs Vs SMEs: Here’s What the Community Says
The data scientist community is divided over what is a better place for working – startups or MNCs. While some think that in SMEs, the designations don’t quite match the job they do, others believe small enterprises offer more to learn. MNCs, on the other hand, provide a clear roadmap for climbing up the ladder. The domain is still evolving, and professionals are trying to understand how the working conditions vary from one industry to the other.
Stanford pilots data science fellowship program
Standford is offering a data science fellowship program to eligible candidates in an attempt to take data science research ahead. Last summer, the university ran a pilot program to train students on data-driven solution discovery. This cohort of students had different educational background, but that did not stop them from learning the essentials of the domain and gather valuable findings. 
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