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Data Science and analytics have gained traction in organizations over the past few years and will continue to show growth in the coming years.  They have become a key part of how businesses serve customers, optimize supply chains and numerous other functions in an organisation. If you wish to keep up with the recent developments, here are some articles that will take you through the advancements in data science and analytics

10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2020 

There are a number of trends that are laying the foundation for successful development of organisational processes in the years to come. Natural Language Processing, Augmented Data Management and Augmented Analytics, are just three of the trends that are estimated to show a major impact on organizations, in the years to come. By 2020, manual data management tasks are said to reduce by 45%. Here’s a list of 10 trends that could affect your business and you should keep an eye on. 

Data Science could help California battle future wildfires 

A major wildfire spread through Colorado, ultimately destroying 169 homes and causing US$217 million in damage. Long hours were spent on locating shelters and piecing together satellite imagery back then, in 2010. Today, researchers are finding new ways to use data and computational methods to help leaders make quick decisions despite being far away. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up by an explosion of data. By analysing historical data about natural disasters, it’ll be easier to take important decisions about infrastructure investments, etc. 

State of Data Science in the Domestic Indian market 2019- By AIM and SAS

This study dives into 50 large-sized firms in order to better understand analytics maturity and usage in these organisations. The study can also be seen as a deep-dive to understand how companies are winning with analytics. It gives a greater understanding as to how other companies can adopt these practices to move forward. The study also reveals that the e-commerce sector has emerged as one of the leading sectors in terms of using analytics because it is not weighed down by infrastructure constraints. 

Big Opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning 

We are no longer living in a generation where you can complete your education once and not study further. Due to the pace at which the world is changing and new technology is transforming, it’s important that you upskill. If you do not update your knowledge, then you will be left behind in the race to the top. The need to learn data science is not limited to aspiring data scientists, every business manager would require atleast a basic understanding of the domain.. This is one of the underlying reasons why you should upskill in Data Science and Machine Learning
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