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With the overwhelming amount of information available in today’s world, it becomes difficult to choose the tools that might be right for you. People are also understanding how severe the effects of climate change are and thus, looking for ways through which technology can help lower the damage. Here are the recent advancements in Data Science and Analytics that have taken place over the past week.

The 28 Best Data and Analytics Softwares and tools for 2020

Solutions Review conducted research to assist buyers in finding the best Data Analytics software to fit their organisational needs. Choosing the right solution can be a complicated process and requires comprehensive research. In order to aid your search, research solutions have compiled a list of the best Data Analytics software providers. One such platform is Alteryx. This company specialises in data blending and allows users to organise and analyze data in a repeatable workflow. AnswerRocket, Chartio and IBM are featured on the list as well.

Not just a Statistic: Women in Data Science

Data Science has emerged to be a building block of the modern industry. The tech field is unfortunately dominated only by men. It is believed that the diversity gap arises right at the graduation level, where women don’t receive the same level of support in STEM subjects. Today, this is starting to change as schools are making an effort to encourage long-term participation and develop required skills. Advancements in technology allow us to find data-driven solutions to address the wage gap between genders. 

10 Data Science Projects E-Commerce are using 

E-commerce sites are using Data Science in various areas in order to stay ahead of competition. Personalising shopbots helps enhance customer experience by recommending products to buyers. These recommendations are based on browsing habits or previous purchases. Understanding who your loyal customers are by using Data Science can help you improve your product design, formulate a reasonable pricing strategy and manage inventory in a more efficient manner. 

How AI, 5G and Data Science can influence Climate change

Climate change has proved to be a huge threat in recent times. People are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that climate action needs to be taken before it’s too late. The Australian and Amazon wildfires have caught the attention of the whole world due to the mass destruction caused by the same. Latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Analytics should be used towards the betterment of the environment. Several data-driven solutions have been tested to help in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. We should aim to have a completely renewable future and Data Science can help us achieve this. 

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3 books to get started on Data Science and Machine Learning 

Data Science and Machine Learning skills are in high demand and there is a growing interest in the careers in these fields. A number of resources are available online through which one can gain knowledge, but finding that right place to start might seem a little difficult. This article talks about three books which are at the introductory level and are a good place to start. These are just three books out of the many that are available. They cover a wide range of topics such as vector math, Bayesian statistics, Python crash course and more. Hope you find this helpful! 

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