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Data Science is a popular, promising sector whose developments constantly show intelligent and efficient results. This weekly guide focuses on the role of Data Science in decision making, various Data Science jobs for freshers, and experts in the field. 

Data Science Jobs for Freshers to Apply Right Now 

Data Science is crucial in today’s world, as it helps us in several ways. It can be used to derive meaningful insights from data, it also helps in decision making. With the spread of COVID-19 all over the world, freshers are worried about placements and whether they’ll be able to land a job or not. While the recession may hit certain industries, there are a few companies that are still hiring for Data Science roles. 

Bridging the Data Science Talent Gap Across Businesses

In our Digital World today, data can be considered as the new currency. The volume of data is expected to reach 463 exabytes by 2025 and is currently estimated to be around 44 trillion gigabytes. Processing such large amounts of data required expertise in this domain. Data Scientists are required to derive value from insights and help in making major decisions for an organization, but there is a deficiency of Data Scientists all over the world. Most companies actively look for experts with the relevant skillset. The global skills gap is said to reach 58% this year. 

Role of Data Science in Strategy and Decision Making Process

Businesses are generating different kinds of data daily. This data is generated at a large scale and requires an analysis that cannot be done manually. With the help of complex algorithms, technological tools, and statistical techniques, raw data is converted into meaningful data. An organization can make decisions based on quantifiable and data-driven evidence. Judgment errors, status quo, misinterpretation, etc, can be avoided with the help of these Data Science techniques. Organizations need to make decisions quickly and efficiently, algorithms can be helpful in this case. 

Top 10 Data Science Experts to follow on Twitter 

AI, ML, and Data Science are being applied to business in the IT Operations, service management, software testing, and more. It is therefore important for computer science students to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. One way of being able to do so is to follow experts on social media platforms such as Twitter. This will help you gain knowledge and stay relevant. 

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