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As the year comes to an end, let us take a look at the advancements in Data Science and Analytics industry over the past week. The future of Data Science seems bright as it is predicted to continue growing in the coming years.

5 ways IoT, Data Science can reshape the automotive sector

Automotive enterprises face numerous challenges and to keep up with the market and overcome these challenges, they must turn to modern technology. Internet of Things and Data Science deliver value in the automotive sector. IoT will be able to provide visibility into the shop floor and supply chain operations. Data is collected with the help of radio frequency, sensors and other sources and IoT also provides basic tools for data analytics. The information which is collected can be analysed using Machine Learning techniques. Increased production line performance and optimized inventory management are two of the main ways through which the automotive sector can be reshaped. 

Data Science Platform Market Size, Share | Future estimate 2027

While oil was considered as the most valuable source on earth until very recently, data seems to have taken over. With the popularity and increased use of mobile gadgets, cloud computing and IoT, the amount of data being generated is incredibly high. Data ideation, integration and exploration requires massive engineering to build an operating analytical model. Data Science platforms come into the picture as they offer additional tools which can be used to improve analysis and allow us to frame better strategies. This sector is expected to see a massive growth over the course of the next few years. 

STEM can kickstart your career in Data Science, but relying solely on MOOCS can’t, says Babak Beheshti, NYIT

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks have been inching closer to human-level performance over the past couple of years. There has been a rise in various sectors and one thing common to all has been the deployment of AI and analytics. The world is now overflowing with data that is waiting to be processed and a technology race has started worldwide. India is not far behind, in fact, it is among the top three ecosystems for developers. India has planned to implement this technology in its healthcare and agriculture industries and has no plans of slowing down. In this article, Babak Beheshti, dean at the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, New York Institute of Technology, talks about STEM and a career in Data Science. 

Data Science Chartbusters Prediction Hackathon: Predict popularity of songs and win prizes

Music has been part of every culture around the world, since the very beginning of time. It has grown as an industry today and contributes to world economy in millions of dollars. Machine Learning and AI are being used to provide each customer with customized experiences based on what he/she may like. Each song available on the various listening platforms is being closely observed. The data collected is used by Spotify, YouTube and other such platforms to provide recommendations to its users. A prediction hackathon is being organized and this might be the perfect opportunity for young data scientists to explore the world of data and challenge themselves. Read further to know how to participate!

Data Science team: How to make one

As we all know, Data Science is being implemented by most organizations today. Many of these organizations still find it difficult to build a team despite it being one of the most significant steps involved. However, how the team is built is based on the company’s requirement. Each Data Science role provides different benefits to the company. For the team to work efficiently, it is essential to hire the right individuals. The need of the hour is Data Science. Companies can look to hire individuals from outside their organization or can provide them with training and a platform to upskill. 

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