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Data Science initiatives at large organizations are being carried out at a massive scale, which has led to the increasing demand for skilled Data Science and Analytics professionals. Here are a few articles that talk about the applications, growth, and employment trends in Data Science and Analytics.

How Uber is Turning Everyone in The Company Into a Data Scientist

Uber’s Director of Data Science, Franziska Bell, would like everyone who works at Uber to have the ability to execute their role with the same insight as a data scientist. By unifying the teams in her organization — the data science ninjas, as she calls them — with their cross-functional counterparts in engineering, product, and design, Uber has built internal tools and platforms that others in the company can leverage. 

PwC’s Darren O’Neill: ‘Data Analytics Strategies Must be Led by Business Need’

Businesses must avoid the trap of building analytics or data management capabilities for the sake of it, and instead, such projects must be led by a real business need.
That’s the sage advice of PwC Ireland advisory partner Darren O’Neill. Listen to the full conversation here.

Augmented Analytics Market Estimated to Reach USD 13 Billion by 2023 

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global augmented analytics market is poised to touch a valuation of USD 13 BN by 2023. Increasing volume of complex data, huge uptake of analytical tools for business intelligence, and development in artificial intelligence technology are some of the major factors boosting the growth of this market.

Adobe’s Latest Customer Experience Platform Updates Take Aim at Data Scientists

Adobe’s Customer Experience Platform provides a place to process all of the data that will eventually drive customer experience applications in the Adobe Experience Cloud. This involves bringing in vast amounts of transactional and interactional data being created across commerce platforms. This process is complex and involves IT, applications developers and data scientists.

Top 10 Data Science Salaries in India, July 2019

The national average salary for a Data Scientist is ₹10,00,000 in India, according to a salary estimation from Glassdoor. Let’s look at a Data Scientist’s salary in India that offers the best opportunities for this position.
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