Data Science and Business Analytics

Data Science and Business Analytics are now an integral part of today’s businesses. Top organizations and experts are now deciding on ways to make it a way of life at workplaces, and effectively promote these new roles among budding professionals. Read the articles below to get more information on Data Science and Analytics updates.

Accenture India May Expand Data Science Team to Make it a Hub For APAC

Consulting and technology services provider Accenture India may expand its data science team to make it a hub serving the Asia-Pacific. To be sure, the proposal is still being discussed, said Anindya Basu, the country managing director of Accenture India and a member of its APAC management committee. To make this a data sciences hub, the workforce expansion will have to be significant, he said.

6 Ways To Become More Marketable As a Data Scientist

Data Science is without a doubt “the sexiest job of the 21st century”, and with time, the community is just getting bigger and better. In this article, we are going to see how you can market yourself better as a data scientist and leave a mark in the community.

Data Science is Changing The Way Businesses Compete And Operate

A number of businesses today are leaning towards data-empowered approaches and embracing unique and innovative methods to attain success. China, the US, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia are the top five countries which lead the data science adoption in recent years. Other countries which are levelling up their game to win the race are Japan, Sweden, Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and India.

Data Ethics Issues Create Minefields For Analytics Teams

IT and analytics teams need to be guided by a framework of ethics rules and motivated by management to put those rules into practice. Otherwise, a company runs the risk of crossing the line in mining and using personal data — and, typically, not as the result of a nefarious plan to do so. 

Chief Data Officers Urged to Master Product Management

According to Gartner, a product-centric data and analytics organisation requires new skill sets, roles, investment models and the right culture. Gartner recommended that CDOs who want to help their organisation transform into one that uses ongoing data-driven product development, start with a data and analytics platform, then define a release plan and roadmap. After that, a team can be built to make the delivery cycle happen.
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