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Data Science has emerged as one of the leading career paths in recent times, the scope of data science has increased tremendously and most industries are now open to hiring data scientists. People are curious to know the kind of job opportunities available to them and the salary they can expect from this field. Various factors are shaping the future of Data Science, if you wish to keep up with the recent developments, here are some articles that will take you through the advancements in data science and analytics. 

Their view: Modern high school math should be about data science — not Algebra 2

There has been a massive growth in data generation in the past two years. In fact, 90% of the data created by humanity has been generated in just the past two years. Despite this, the math taught in U.S. schools hasn’t materially changed since Sputnik was sent into orbit in late 1950s. Introducing Data-based math courses would allow students to grapple with real-life problems. They might be able to analyse issues about the environment, space travel or nutrition. Students can analyse the ways in which social media is tracking their data and learn how to apply math to real-world issues. Some states are already exploring these changes. 

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Agriculture, Marketing, Analytics, Manufacturing and many other industries have started implementing Data Science. The role of a data scientist is now a buzz worthy career. As Data Science is becoming more integral to various industries, people are curious to know what the range of salaries in this field of work would look like. Here is a list of the top 10 data science salaries in October 2019, for job seekers to assess their opportunities. 

Four big factors shaping the future of Data Science

According to The Gartner Group, digital businesses reached a tipping point last year. 49% of CIOs report that their enterprises have already changed their business models or are in the process of doing so. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have a profound impact on digital transformation and as the field continues to grow, new trends are emerging that will shape data science in the next five years. Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D., founder and CEO of dotData, and a world renowned data scientist, discusses the four big factors that are shaping the future of Data Science. 

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Big Data & Data Analytics Enablers of socio- economic governance

Big Data helps socio-economic institutions in predicting behaviour of economic and business variables in terms of demand, supply, pattern of GDP, customers’ behaviour, tastes and preferences, etc., which are considered to be necessary inputs for decision making. It comes in different formats such as image, video, textual document, e-mail, barcode tagging, Radio Frequency Identification, and more. Data Analytics is of three types- Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics. Big Data and Data Analytics are a boon to modern technology and we should empower ourselves with the tools and techniques of Data Analytics in order to enable socio-economic governance. 

Future Health, Science and Technology Building celebrated in ground-breaking ceremony

Whitney Witt, the inaugural dean for the college of health said, “the College of Health will train the next generation of innovators and diverse scientists and leaders in population health with a focus on innovation in tech”. Staff and students will be taught the importance of data science to improve the health of millions of people.  As improvements arise in health, the building is designed in such a way that it will constantly adapt to take advantage of the latest opportunities. 
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