Applied Data Science Bootcamp

Become a data-driven decision maker with live teaching from MIT faculty, hands-on projects, and mentorship from industry practitioners

  • 12 Weeks
  • Live Classes by MIT Faculty
  • Mentorship by Experts

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Program Delivered By Faculty From:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS)

Why Join the Applied Data Science Bootcamp

Live Teaching by
MIT Faculty
  • Weekly Live online classes from award-winning MIT faculty
  • Curriculum designed to build industry-valued skills: Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, and Python.
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Personalized Mentorship and Support
  • Live mentorship and guidance from data science practitioners on weekends
  • Collaborative yet personalised sessions in small groups
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Practical, Hands-on Training
  • Complete hands-on exposure through 6 projects under the guidance of industry experts
  • Final 3-week Capstone Project on a real-world business problem
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Working Professional
Live online classes every week from award-winning MIT faculty
Career Support
Personalised mentorship and guidance from data science practitioners
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Hands-on training via 6 projects and 1 Capstone
Industry Project
Curriculum covering Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and Python

Accelerated Data Science Bootcamp for Working Professionals

Live Classes by MIT Faculty | Mentorship from Experts | 12 Weeks

Certificate awarded on completion

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Cohort Start Dates

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19th Oct 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Program details
What will the timings of the live sessions?
The live classes with MIT faculty will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 AM ET. The mentorship sessions with industry experts will be held in small groups of learners on weekends. The exact timings will be determined based on the time zones of the learners in a particular mentorship group.
What is the weekly time commitment required?
Each week involves 6-8 hours of live teaching sessions, which includes hands-on practical applications and problem-solving. Additionally, based on your background, you should expect to invest between 2 to 4 hours every week to self-study and practice. So that amounts to a time commitment of 8-12 hours per week.
Is the program completely online?
Yes, the program has been designed keeping in mind the needs of working professionals. Thus, you can learn the practical applications of data science from the convenience of your home and within an efficient 12-week duration.
Will I have to spend extra on books, online learning material, or license fee?

No. All the requisite learning material is provided online to candidates through the Learning Management System.

Admissions and Eligibility
Are there any prerequisites for the program?
You should possess a working knowledge of computer programming and statistics.
What is the admission process?
You will need to complete your online application form. On receiving the application, the admissions committee will review it to determine your fit with the program. If selected, you will receive an admission offer for the upcoming cohort. Secure your seat by paying the fee.
Fee and Payment
What are my payment options?
Candidates can pay the course fee through Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit Cards. For further details, please get in touch with us at
Can my employer sponsor the program fee?
We accept corporate sponsorships and can assist you with the process. For more information, please write to us at

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Please fill in the form and a Program Advisor will reach out to you. You can also reach out to us at or +1 617 468 7899

Application Deadline 24th Sep 2020

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Applied Data Science Bootcamp Program in the USA

Data in the current times is one of the most important attributes for diverse sectors and business operations. It is a multidisciplinary field that is mainly based on statistics, facts, and trends. The overwhelming amounts of data created in just the past few years have definitely left the businesses struggling to extract the most relevant insights and make practical decisions based on data.

The powerful technologic shift that is being observed in the past couple of years has definitely given birth to loads of data so much so that the World Economic Forum has claimed that by the year 2025, the world will produce about 463 Exabyte’s of data every day.

The whole purpose of data science is to focus on using the facts and statistics to fetch relevant data specific to different domains and sectors. The objective is to mainly provide personalized solutions for businesses rather than a generic solution. The use and functions of data science are quite evident in almost all sectors now, be it education, healthcare, retail, finance, etc. Industries have now found better solutions to deal with customers and provide them opportunities to get extra benefits and the best customer experience with minimal efforts.

What is Data Science?

Despite the world already inclined towards the functions of data science, it is important to understand the basics of it. Data Science was not into existence up until 2008. The need of the hour made the organizations realize the importance of data professionals to handle the huge amounts of data available and analyse it to produce better business results. With time, businesses started to realise that if used effectively, data science can give amazing business insights and later lead to growth. It can help in predicting falls and growth rises, target specific audiences through advertising and also help in making smarter decisions by the input of new technologies like speech recognition and more.

There are a lot of examples in the current period of time which can help you understand the effective use of data science and how it is making businesses boom along with providing better customer service. If you see Walmart, it has used data science to make store checkouts much more efficient. Data science has helped them by giving predictive analysis and understanding the best form of checkout for each store which can be either self-checkout or a facilitated one depending on the rush at the stores.

There are no two ways about it that data science is the need of the hour and now every country and industry is laying hands on it. While some regions have gained hands-on experience in the field, others are still trying to develop and extract the most from the technology. The job demand in the data science industry has been massive in the past years and it is only going to grow in the coming times. Almost 60% of data science and analytics jobs are in Finance, IT, and Professional Services. The proportion of data science jobs are increasing every year and it is being considered as a high-demand skill by many job posting portals.

Trends of Data Science and Business Analytics Online Courses in the USA

Amongst the other countries and regions, the USA has always been one of the powerful and on the top of their game when it comes to science and technology. The United States of America is amongst the most advanced countries in the world and so it is in terms of data science and analytics. In the past few years, the country is breaking through in all technological fronts in almost every sector. The technological industry is growing massively and thus there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of reliable and expert data science and analytics professionals in the country. This is not just about the United States of America but as soon as the businesses start using data science, the demand of expert professionals will increase and thus learning the tools and techniques of data science and business analytics is the need to be able to make the most out of this field. The opportunities attached to learning the skills of data analytics are huge and thus pursuing a data analytics course online in the USA or doing Data Science Bootcamps in the USA is the best way to transition and grow.

For those who pursue Data Science Bootcamps online or data science courses online, there are about 25,000+ job opportunities alone in the United States of America. It is now the time to understand the scope of the field and get into it to escalate your career goals and learn new tools and techniques which will only boom in the future. Make sure to enrol in an online applied data science bootcamp or the best data analytics certification course online.

Best Online Applied Data Science Bootcamp In USA

There are many online courses available to learn data science and analytics but they all have different objectives and learning outcomes. You should have a proper clarity of your personal objective and expectation while choosing for a course that will help you succeed in your career. For students or working professionals who are looking to learn and practice the skills of data science should definitely go for courses or bootcamps which offer mentored learning from top faculty and exclusive sessions from the industry experts to give you practical insights of the industry through their experience and help you discover techniques with real-life case studies and projects.

One of the best courses for you which will fit all your requirements and will provide you with the best practical experience is the Applied Data Science Bootcamp in collaboration with the MIT IDSS faculty. The bootcamp offers interactive mentored learning by the faculty of the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS). The MIT IDSS faculty has created the Applied Data Science Bootcamp to help you understand the true value of data and its use. This course is specially designed for future-focused professionals who want to explore new and innovative ways to use data for business growth.

In this course of 12 weeks, you will get to learn data analytics skills in theory and practice with supervised and unsupervised learning, time series analysis, recommendation engines, regressions, neural networks, computer vision and natural language processing, and much more that will take your data skills to the next level. After successful completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate from MIT IDSS faculty.

The mission of MIT IDSS is to advance education and research in state-of-the-art analytical methods in data science, information & decision systems, statistics, and the social sciences, and to apply these methods to address complex societal challenges in a diverse set of areas such as finance, energy systems, urbanization, social networks, and health.

Who is this program for?

For those who are skeptical if the Applied Data Science Bootcamp by MIT IDSS faculty is for them or not; the following are few points to understand who is this program for:

  • Working professionals who are interested in a career in Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Working professionals interested in leading Data Science and Machine Learning initiatives at their companies.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in innovation using Data Science and Machine Learning.

Program Benefits of Applied Data Science Bootcamp by MIT IDSS Faculty

Here are some of the major benefits that students or working professionals will get if they opt for the most comprehensive data science course online:

  • Learn from award-winning MIT IDSS faculty via live virtual classes from the convenience of your home.
  • Demonstrate data science leadership by building a portfolio of industry-relevant hands-on projects, including a 3 week-long capstone project.
  • Get a Certificate of Completion signed by all participating MIT IDSS faculty.
  • Get live mentorship from industry experts on the applications of concepts taught by faculty.

The program structure of Applied Data Science Bootcamp by MIT IDSS Faculty

The program is 12-weeks long:

  • 2 weeks for Foundational courses on Python and Statistical Science.
  • 6 weeks of core curriculum including practical applications.
  • Involves 50 hours of live sessions by MIT Faculty and Industry Experts, with hands-on practical applications and problem solving.
  • 1 week for project submissions
  • 3 weeks for a final, integrative Capstone project.

Learning Outcomes of Applied Data Science Bootcamp by MIT IDSS Faculty

Once you complete the most comprehensive and structured online course for data science and business analytics by MIT IDSS faculty, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the intricacies of data science techniques and their applications to real-world problems.
  • Implement various machine learning techniques to solve complex problems and make data-driven business decisions.
  • Explore two major realms of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, and how they can be applied to areas such as Computer Vision and NLP.
  • Develop strong foundations in Python, mathematics, and statistics for data science.
  • Understand the theory behind recommendation systems and explore their applications to multiple industries and business contexts
  • Build an industry-ready portfolio of projects to demonstrate your ability to extract business insights from data

Personalised Mentored Learning by Industry Experts

The best part about the program is that it allows you the opportunity to interact with the industry experts of data science and machine learning with amazing experience via live and personalised mentored learning sessions to give a better and more practical understanding of concepts plus to help you discuss case studies and real-life applications directly. Here is how you get personalised mentorship and support in the program:

  • Weekly online mentorship from Data Science experts
  • Small groups of learners for personalized guidance and support
  • Interact with like-minded peers from diverse backgrounds and geographies
  • Dedicated Program Manager for academic & non-academic queries

Program Manager: Your Personal Guide for Applied Data Science Bootcamp

The unique point of Applied Data Science Bootcamp by the MIT IDSS faculty that you do not get in any other course is the personalised and exclusive support of the Program Manager throughout the duration of your program. The dedicated Program Manager will be your one single point of contact for all your academic as well as non-academic queries during the program. They will help you in keeping a track of your learning journey, give you time to time personalised feedback and give you required nudges whenever required to make sure that you learn the most out of this program and transform your journey ahead.

Why choose Great Learning for Applied Data Science Bootcamp online course by the MIT IDSS Faculty?

With the most insightful and comprehensive course for data science provided by the faculty of MIT IDSS, you get a hands-on learning experience along with practical knowledge of concepts that help you take your data science skills to the next level altogether. It also helps you in solving business-related problems and understand the real-life applications of the tools and techniques that you learn during the course of the program. In this program, you learn the concepts of data science and machine learning through our proprietary learning management system (LMS), Olympus which supports you in every step of the way and gives you opportunities to possess complete knowledge by solving quizzes and tests for best understanding. After enrolling in the program, the benefits like peer interaction, live sessions with the industry experts, networking with the worldwide learners etc. are among the most useful highlights of the Applied Data Science Bootcamp provided by the faculty of MIT IDSS.

With the above-mentioned advantages, the following are some more benefits that you get by choosing Great Learning for the online data science bootcamp in the USA.


After comparison and analysis with the other available data science courses in the USA, it is for sure that Great Learning has a bigger advantage than others due to the feature of flexibility. It is one of the most prominent benefits of choosing Great Learning as learners get to learn at their own pace with their own convenience. They have complete flexibility to learn and access the recorded video lectures and live mentored sessions through Olympus, the Learning Management System (LMS). The learners can watch the sessions they have missed due to their work commitments using their one login and also ask questions or queries by entering into a discussion through a forum as per their convenience. You can learn by any device at any location without any restriction whatsoever. The Applied Data Science Bootcamp by the MIT IDSS Faculty will not only help you build a substantial industry-ready portfolio in data science and also learn practical implications without having to compromise with your work and personal life balance.


The Applied Data Science Bootcamp online certification program delivered by the MIT IDSS faculty in collaboration with Great Learning is one of the most cost-effective programs to learn the data science skills from the top-notch faculty in the world. It is even more convenient for all learners from every corner of the world due to its easy payment options which let you invest for a better future ahead without any hassle.

Evaluation System

Not all programs are structured enough to provide you with the best and the most comprehend data science learning that too at your own pace. The amazing advantage that you get with this online data science bootcamp certification course is that it provides you with Live mentored sessions by expert industry leaders during the weekends and gives you complete time for yourself. You can upskill yourself and look for better opportunities or grow in your current organization with smarter approaches toward business problems.  In this course, your skills are completely assessed at each point to ensure that you are succeeding in the program and making the most of it. The evaluation system of the program constantly ensures your progress throughout the course with the help of quizzes, tests and projects that will help you analyse your understanding of concepts and real-world applications of data science. It is important to achieve a minimum of 60% of marks to be able to successfully complete the course and get an online certificate for the Applied Data Science Bootcamp from the faculty of MIT IDSS directly.


All in all, the Applied Data Science Bootcamp by the faculty of MIT IDSS is one of the best courses in the USA and worldwide to learn the data science tools and techniques from the top-notch faculty with the convenience of your location and time. Through its unique mentored learning sessions from the industry experts, recorded video lectures by the MIT IDSS faculty, it gives a world-class learning experience during the program. Not only this, but your Program Manager is also there to assist you with all your problems be it academic or non-academic in the entire program journey. The program also opens a way towards future career opportunities through the personalised 1:1 career coaching and interview preparation which is amongst the best advantages of the program. Start your journey now with the Applied Data Science Bootcamp and learn the concepts and applications of data science such as supervised and unsupervised learning, time series analysis, recommendation engines, regressions, neural networks, computer vision and natural language processing to transform your career completely.