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Foundations of Data Science

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Course description

Data Science is revolutionizing all facets of personal and business life. Whether it is Amazon’s recommendation system, the ability of cricket teams to minutely analyze an opposition player or cancer researchers using MRI images to predict the malignancy of a growth, the ability to process large amounts of data and generate insights from it has forever changed how people live and how businesses make decisions.

There are many interested learners who want to dive into this exciting new field and build a successful career in it however they sometimes get deterred due to having a non-technical background or the misguided notion that the field is too complicated.

This course is primarily aimed at two sets of learners:

  • Those who come from a non-technical background or do not have a detailed understanding of mathematics and statistics.
  • Those who are simply curious about Data Science however do not want to commit to a full fledged Data Science program.

Through a series of video based lectures, this course will provide some context about Data Science to interested learners as well as teach them basic concepts which will prove very useful when they decide to study a full time Data Science course.

In order to keep the course simple and accessible to everyone, we will demonstrate the various concepts using Excel so that learners can also practice these concepts on their own without requiring any specialized software.