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Foundations of Data Science

Learn concepts that will build a foundation for a deep dive into Data Science.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Build your marketing skills in digital age

Intro to Machine Learning

A jargon-free course on machine learning for beginners

Intro to R

A step-by-step tutorial on R programming

Intro to Python

A beginner level course to get familiar with Numpy and Pandas

Intro to Data Analytics

Learn the basic techniques for analyzing data sets using Python

Intro to Data Visualization

Learn how to better understand your data using Tableau

Big Data Basics

Get started with Big Data with this beginner level course

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Aid your learning with mentored projects

Work on projects under the guidance of industry experts

6 - 8 weeks | Group of 5 - 8 students | Starting at Rs 5000

Launching soon!

Introducing Data Science Quotient (DSQ)

Stop guessing and measure your DSQ now!

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