Stanford Design Thinking : From Insights to Viability

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Why we learn Design Thinking at Great Learning
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Design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by 228% over 10 years.

(Source: DMI)
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Companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5 times greater market share.

(Source: Adobe)
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50% of design-led companies report more loyal customers

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'Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.'

- Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO

Through this course, you will learn a pragmatic approach that is both a system for inducing creativity and innovation and a framework for solving complex business problems. Learn how you can apply these principles to make products that delight your users.

Designed for busy executives, Design Thinking: From Insights to Viability enables you to integrate your education with your work so you can apply, iterate, and innovate on the job and boost your immediate and long-term outcomes.

The program is offered by Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education and delivered in collaboration with Great Learning. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Completion' from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Develop toolkit icon

Develop an all-purpose toolkit

Learn to use the frameworks in a wide variety of scenarios so you are ready for any challenge

Learn by doing icon

Learn by Doing

Apply the Design Thinking methodology to a series of real-world applications, and internalize the concepts

Engage with Experts icon

Engage with Experts

Interact with experts, get personalized feedback from course facilitators, and learn from seasoned practitioners

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Showcase your expertise

Distinguish yourself with a certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business


10 week course icon

12-week course

3 to 5 hours of weekly learning commitment icon

3 to 5 hours of weekly learning commitment

Live interactive session icon

Live interactive session by tenured faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Weekly feedback and live interactive sessions with experienced course facilitator

Certificate icon

Certificate of completion from Stanford Graduate School of Business

10 assignments icon

10 assignments and a final reflection to synthesize what you've learnt


stefanos profile photo

Stefanos Zenios

The Investment Group of Santa Barbara Professor of Entrepreneurship and Professor of Operations, Information & Technology

Dhirubhai Ambani Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship for 2018-2019.

Professor Stefanos Zenios is the faculty co-director at Stanford Graduate School of Business' center for Entrepreneurial Studies. An innovative teacher and researcher, Professor Zenios is the main architect of Startup Garage, a popular Stanford Graduate School of Business course that each year helps hundreds of Stanford Graduate School of Business students and executives learn and apply the innovation processes that are at the center of the Silicon Valley Ecosystem.


The curriculum covers the entire framework of the design thinking process. Participants build an understanding of the "user's need" by engaging in empathetic interactions, creating and testing rapid prototypes, and building important building blocks of a business case.

Human-centered Design
Needs Finding
Interviewing and Empathy-Building Techniques
Making sense of Observations and Insights
Defining a Point of View
Developing and Testing Prototypes
Minimal Viable Products
Defining and Testing Business Models and Business Cases


Acquire a design thinking mindset, so that you can translate your learnings during the course to drive innovation in your company

Develop viable solutions icon

Develop viable solutions to user challenges using the design thinking and hypothesis-driven innovation processes.

Gain user icon

Gain user empathy through observation and interviewing, and develop user insights to identify unmet needs.

Use multiple brainstorming techniques icon

Use multiple brainstorming techniques to find innovative solutions.

Prototype a solution icon

Prototype a solution to a user challenge.

Develop and test icon

Develop and test a business model or business case to support the viability of the solution.

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Product Managers icon

Product Managers and Analysts

Business Heads icon

Business Heads

Marketing Managers icon

Marketing Managers

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Consultants icon

Consultants and Educators

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UI/UX Designers


Ravindra Seshagiri Hassan

InfoBlox Inc., India Site leader & Director

I Learnt about defining innovation, challenges, key stakeholders, listening, brainstorming & creating prototypes.

Mehek Kapoor


This course is a deep dive into design thinking, and it has truly changed the way I perceive products & services around me.

Rafael Lagos

Plastipak, General manager

I think the idea of prototype is applicable at all levels even on ideas and conversations.

Ross Dickie

Human eSources, President & COO

We can adopt the design thinking principles to improve our approach to new product innovation.


Companies are using Design Thinking frameworks to innovate and grow their business. Here is an indicative list of companies that have used design thinking to create products that customers love.

  • SAP
  • IBM
  • NIKE
  • AirBnb
  • and many more...