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Batch of July 2020 | Senior Petroleum Engineer at Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited | Nigeria
This DSBA course is a friendly program designed by Great Learning. I especially like the attention paid to all the students in order to participate in discussions during the sessions. It helps all of us to evolve.
Batch of July 2020 | Deputy Chief Planning Officer Napims Budget And Commercial Duties at Napims | Nigeria
This is a friendly program designed by Great Learning. Mr Anurag was very patient, methodical, and he knows how to help us relate the theory to practice. I was clueless before the session started. The doubts was addressed considerably well.Thanks.
Batch of July 2020 | Assistant Network Manager at Advans La Fayette Mfb Full Time | Nigeria
I enjoyed the sessions taken by the amazing faculty team of Greatlearning as it made more sense of what was learned by us. Application of the different possibilities was made very clear. I got to know that there are simpler ways of doing things and that not all tasks are difficult. Thank you.
Batch of March 2020 | Sap Pm Consultant at Total E&P | Nigeria
Mr Deepak does a good job showing what's relevant beyond the classroom to any budding Data Analyst/Engineer/Scientist. Thanks to Great Learning for organising this program very well.
Batch of April 2020 | Head Of Internal Audit/Chief Compliance Officer at Slavabogu Nigeria Ltd | Nigeria
This is an excellent program by Great Learning. Project Debrief was remarkable. Many grey areas were clarified. The concepts were well treated. Relevant examples were used, the pace of teaching was quite good. Doubts were clarified, especially with the algorithm treated in relation with the Naive Bayes and the knn algorithm. Everything went well.
Batch of July 2020 | Nigeria
I had a fantastic learning session...My fears and worries have ameliorated...All of my doubts were cleared. Thanks, Great Learning for organising this program.
Batch of December 2019 | Monitorig, Evaluation, Accountability And Learning Officer at Malaria Consortium | Nigeria
The session was incisive, creative and the mentors shared better ways of solving the problem. Doubts were cleared and proffered better industry techniques to improve on the project part.
Batch of March 2020 | Head Of Retail Analytics at Standard Chartered Bank | Nigeria
This DSBA course is the best online course I have ever done. My mentor is an expert in this field.I am happy to join for this program from great learning.
Batch of May 2020 | Gas Planning Advisor at Shell | Nigeria
This is an excellent program designed by Great Learning. Have experienced some amazing mentorship sessions. I am excited to continue on this course!
Batch of February 2020 | Monitoring And Evaluation Specialist at Pw C Nigeria Contract | Nigeria
The mentors we had from greatlearning were just excellent, especially, Mr Phumzile. The topics were advanced, but mentors explained it admirably. Well done Greatlearning team for ensuring high-quality content delivery and all the follow up to ensure that we are engaged - the quiz, the assignments, the videos, the PowerPoint presentations, the uploading of mentored sessions etc. It's great learning for me! Thank you very much.
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