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Batch of January 2021 | Executive Assistant at Golden West Food Group Full Time | United States
Loved that at the beginning we had a conversation of where we're from and the weather. Small talk but made it feel more like a classroom and interactive with other learners vs just a one way video chat.
Batch of January 2021 | United States
Super helpful session! Not a minute wasted! Thanks!!
Batch of November 2020 | Is Program Manager, D3 Code Initiative at Md Anderson Cancer Center | United States
Bridget continues to support the cohort's new learnings and concepts. Appreciate the 1:1 Q&A time she provides, after the weekly mentoring session.
Batch of October 2020 | Consultant For Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (Cmms), Facility Management, Data Analyst at Pbjplus Freelance | United States
I really enjoyed today's session. Shrinivas was a great mentor/teacher. I love how he used the slides and notebook as a whiteboard for illustrating points and explaining ideas.
Batch of January 2021 | Strategic Revenue Programs Program Management Advisor At Fed Ex Services at Fed Ex Services | United States
Vaibhav is a great mentor, he has been sharing great examples and I feel like I'm learning so much in our sessions. Keep up the great work!
Batch of November 2020 | Lead Information Technology Analyst at Ep Energy | United States
Great session and love the new format thank you! That really helped give me a better understanding.
Batch of June 2020 | Sr Architect, Enterprise Architecture at Cardinal Health | United States
This session was really good. Dale went above and beyond to explain the concepts and clarify the doubts. He provided valuable tips in handling the algorithms.
Batch of June 2020 | Sustainability Outreach Specialist at Texas A&M University | United States
Mentor Dale adequately delved into the requirements for the project whilst encouraging creative business thinking. He was also able to answer questions thoroughly. His explanations were very easy to understand and follow. Overall, the session was effective and helpful.
Batch of December 2020 | Business Analyst Intern at Capital One | United States
I thought Abishek did a great job covering these crucial foundational concepts. He was eloquent, and the session flowed smoothly.
Batch of September 2020 | Group Vice President, Merchandising Services at Sally Beauty | United States
I think Ashish is doing a very good job and walked us through the case study in detail. My feedback on the overall program is that I think this recent project required Python capabilities that we dont have yet. When we went through the case study in the live session, there were several parts where I dont think we've ever been exposed to some of the code used either in the live sessions or online learning. Im all for stretching our capabilities and challenging case studies, but this one felt like it required things that we haven't even seen yet. Just some feedback - Im enjoying the class and learning a lot.
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