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Python Programming in Hindi

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Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. Here is a comprehensive course on 'Python Programming in Hindi'. Learning will now be seamless for you. This course will cover all the basic and advanced concepts of Python. Learn concepts such as Data Types, Variables and Operators, Data Structures, Flow control statements and Object-Oriented Programming.

Skills covered

  • Python
  • OOPs

Course Syllabus

Python Programming in Hindi

  • Python Basics
  • Installing python and IDEs
  • Data types
  • Variables and Operators
  • Data Structures in Python
  • Flow Control Statements
  • Functions
  • Object-Oriented Programming

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Get Python Programming in Hindi course completion certificate from Great learning which you can share in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

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Python Programming in Hindi 

Individuals with python programming skills are highly sought after in today’s job market. As the demand for Python increases, there are a higher number of people looking to learn Python in Hindi. Before we move on to talk about the python course in Hindi, let us understand who a python developer is, the different job prospects in this field, and the different skills required to become a python developer. 


Why Python? 

As you are aware, Python has grown to be one of the most widely used programming languages today. It is a high-level language and is object-oriented. It is well supported by the community of learners due to its simplicity and versatility. When you are browsing through Google, or indulging in your daily dose of social media via Instagram, watching video content on YouTube, or even listening to music on Spotify, knowingly or not, you are witnessing the works of Python. Each of these platforms makes use of Python as their programming language. Python can also be used for web development, game development, artificial intelligence and machine learning models and projects, and so much more. 

Moving ahead, let us understand how you can become a python developer and work towards building such applications yourself. 


Who is a Python Developer?

One of the most widely used programming languages today, Python is an object-oriented language. Most beginners prefer to learn Python as their first language due to its simplicity and diversity. 

Python Developers work on server-side applications. They are mainly in charge of developing various back-end components to connect web applications to web servers. They work on developing, deploying, and debugging a Python Project. They are also in charge of ensuring security and data protection while improving the functionality of the application/system. They coordinate with several internal teams to understand the requirements. Now that we know who a Python developer is, let us move on to understanding the skills required to acquire a job in this role. 

Essential Skills

To become a successful Python Developer in India, you must work towards continuously updating your skills. Let us take a look at some of the top skills that are necessary to enter the field of Python.

  1. Familiarity with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries
  2. Expert in Python, and Python web frameworks such as Flask or Django 
  3. Must know how to integrate multiple data sources and databases into a single system
  4. A basic understanding of various server-side languages such as Jinja 2, Mako 
  5. Working knowledge about front-end technology (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
  6. Fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
  7. Familiarity with event-driven programming in Python
  8. They should have unit testing and debugging skills 
  9. Must know Python packages such as Scikit learn, and NumPy


One of the best ways to acquire these skills is to take up a Python Tutorial in Hindi or learn python in Hindi from various sources such as books, online videos, or basic courses. 

Python Developer Job Roles

With the increasing popularity of Python, now would be the perfect time to enter the fiercely competitive job market. There are various job roles that you can acquire after learning python programming in Hindi. These jobs are listed below, along with a brief description. 


1. Software Developer/ Engineer

They should have comprehensive knowledge of core Python programming, various frameworks within Python, and also know about ORM. They should understand what multi-process architecture means and be able to integrate applications with other components. Front-end development skills or database knowledge is a plus point. 


2. Python Web Developer 

They should have comprehensive knowledge of web frameworks, HTML, and CSS. This would be the basic requirement to become a Python web developer. They should know about server-side web logic, knowledge of databases, and for GUI applications, libraries such as Tinker are an added advantage.  


3. Data Analyst 

Data Analysts work on carrying out interpretation and data analysis on a regular basis. They should be well versed in Statistics and Mathematical concepts. Working knowledge of NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and other Python libraries that are used for data manipulation and visualisation is crucial. 


4. Data Scientist 

They should have knowledge regarding data analytics, interpretation, and data manipulation. Mathematics and statistics are also essential in making the right decisions. They should be able to work with libraries such as Tensorflow, Scikit Learn, and Machine Learning algorithms like Naive Bayes.


5. Machine Learning Engineer  

They must have a comprehensive understanding of deep learning, neural networks, machine learning algorithms as well as mathematical and statistical concepts. They should know about gradient descent, regression, and various predictive algorithms and models. Their work goes beyond programming, by implementing their skills in applications. 

How to learn Python in Hindi


The basic educational qualification is to get a graduate degree in the related field. But these days, several recruiters are looking for any certifications or hand-on experience as well. The skills required would depend on the job and the hiring company, but a basic understanding of python libraries, ORM and javascript is essential. You can gain these skills by enrolling in a Python full course in Hindi. Enrolling in such a course wouldn’t require any prior knowledge, since it teaches you everything from the basics. It covers all the topics in a comprehensive and precise manner while allowing you to learn from industry leaders and practical exposure. Curiosity in the programming language will help you prosper. 


Python Developers Salary

Python is the most in-demand programming language of 2020, according to Forbes. Several industry leaders such as NASA, Google, Instagram, IBM and others make use of Python as their primary language. Currently, there are close to 8.2 million developers that are using Python. With such a high demand for python, a python tutorial for beginners in Hindi can go a long way. You might be wondering how much a python developer can earn? In India, they can earn an average of ₹ 4,89,656. A person living in Bangalore can earn up to ₹669,787. Whereas a person living in Mumbai may earn ₹579,728

However, the salary can vary on several factors such as job location, skills, hiring company, and more. 


Python Programming in Hindi Course on Great Learning Academy

The Python Programming in Hindi is a free course provided by Great Learning Academy for you to achieve python programming certification. The course covers the concepts around Python basics, Python Pandas, Object-oriented programming, Matplotlib, Numpy, Data Types, Variables and Operators, Data Structures, Flow control statements. 

This Python Programming in Hindi course is best suited for freshers and professionals who are just beginning to learn Python. It can also work well as a refresher for anyone who wants to revise their knowledge about Python before starting a new project or attending an interview.   

A comprehensive program such as this one covers in-depth python programming skills. The course will also teach you how to install Python and IDEs, data structures, and more. You will receive a Python Programming in Hindi course completion certificate from Great learning, that you can add in your CVs and LinkedIn Profiles. 

Great Learning Academy is a repository of free as well as premium resources in several domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and so much more. You can also sign up for this free course and start your programming career by learning from the best in the industry. 


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