AI cameras track social distancing

While each country is working its way around curbing the outbreak of the Coronavirus through quarantines, lock-downs, social distancing and more, technologies like Artificial Intelligence are becoming beyond useful to monitor and respond to the crisis. Artificial Intelligence has assisted in various ways to fight COVID-19, including diagnosis of the disease, accelerated research, development of drugs, and vaccinations out of the many. However, considering that social distancing has been recognised as a fundamental measure to slow down the spread of the pandemic, an Indian tech company has developed a thermal-vision AI-powered camera that not only measures forehead temperatures but also detects facemask and social distancing violations.

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Developed by Vehant Technologies — a pioneer in AIML based physical security, surveillance and traffic monitoring solutions, FebriEye deals with a thermal screening system specifically created with analytics that monitor facemask and social distancing. This AI-powered camera will prove to be useful at entrances to public events, airports, metro stations, manufacturing plants, buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, shopping malls, as well as gated societies. In case of any deviations or violations, the camera generates an alarm for administrative authorities to take appropriate action for the same. According to Cherukumalli Rao, General Manager at Vehant Technologies, the camera uses several advanced facial detection techniques that detect facial temperature as well as non-masked civilians and generate alerts at their violations. Rao also claims that these particular features can red-flag people not following minimum acceptable social distancing guidelines too. The Social Distancing Alert System in it uses a combination of the existing technology of IP and CCTV cameras along with Computer Vision to detect whether or not individuals are at a specific distance — ensuring their adherence to social distancing regulations.

A photographic illustration of an Artificially Intelligent Camera used in analysing images and tracking Social Distancing regulations

While millions of people are staying home to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, many of others in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors are still at work every day to ensure basic needs are met. Correspondingly, as per reports, stores and workplaces have also begun to equip existing security cameras with artificial intelligence software to track health guidelines and social distancing. These developments will allow workers, customers, as well as regulators, to enforce safe practices.

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