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Variational autoencoder

Understanding Variational autoencoder

Contributed by: Tejas Variational autoencoder is one of the most talked-about technologies in Machine Learning. Why? What does it do? Let's start with understanding...
CloudOps Engineer

What do I need to know to be a cloud ops engineer?

Author - Prashant Bharadwaj, Cloud Engineer at GreatLearning This is it; you have done your homework, followed the recommended best practices, listened to the experts, and now your entire...
vanishing gradient problem

The Vanishing Gradient Problem

Vanishing Gradient ProblemMethods proposed to overcome vanishing gradient problemResidual neural networksResNetRectified Linear Unit Activation FunctionConclusion Contributed by: Dinesh Introduction to Vanishing Gradient Problem
Mutable and Immutable in Python

Understanding Mutable and Immutable in Python

Object mutability is one of the characteristics that makes Python a dynamically typed language. Today, we are going to understand: what is object mutability? Though Mutable and Immutable in...
Gaussian Mixture Model

Understanding Gaussian Mixture Model

Gaussian Mixture Model: IntroductionWhat is a Gaussian Mixture Model?Why do we use the Variance-Covariance Matrix? K-Means VS Gaussian Mixture ModelUsage of EM AlgorithmApplications Contributed by: Gautam Solanki