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inferential statistics

Inferential Statistics – An Overview

IntroductionPopulation and SampleWhat is Inferential StatisticsImportance of Inferential StatisticsProbabilityConditional ProbabilityProbability Distribution and Distribution functionSampling DistributionCentral Limit TheoremConfidence IntervalHypothesis TestingZ-TestT-TestDifferent types of T-testChi-square testANOVA - Analysis of VarianceConclusion Reference Introduction
hypothesis testing in R

Hypothesis Testing in R- with Examples and Case Study

- By Dr. Masood H. Siddiqui, Professor & Dean (Research) at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow Introduction to Hypothesis Testing in R The premise of Data...
k means clustering

Learning Data Science with K-Means Clustering

While engaging ourselves with Data Science, we have to define ways to identify both supervised and unsupervised data. These help us to structure the data suitably and to decide on various machine...
linear programming

Introduction to Linear Programming for Data Science

Introduction Data Science helps businesses to make informed and data-driven decisions. Current business situations or business scenarios can be explored further using available data, and better insights can be...

Types of Neural Networks and Definition of Neural Network

Introduction to Neural NetworksTypes of Neural NetworksFeed Forward Neural Nets Multiple Layered Perceptron Neural Nets Convolution Neural Nets Radial Basis Function Neural Nets Recurrent Neural NetsSequence to Sequence modelsModular Neural Network This...