This week’s Artificial Intelligence focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence to train gamers and the efforts of Salesforce to amp up their AI game. 

Turkish Engineers Develops Artificial Intelligence That Can Train Gamers

Falcon AI is a Turkish startup that has developed SenpAI, an AI program that enables esport players to enhance their playing style and develop new tactics. 

Esports attract more than 450 million viewers and generates $1.1 billion in revenue per year. In fact, the 2018 League of Legends World Championship had 200 million viewers making it the most-watched sports events. 

SenpAI will be a player’s personal AI-enabled coach which runs a deep analysis of users’ playing style and pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses. 

Salesforce beefing up field service offering with AI

Salesforce has been continuously adding AI features to all parts of its platform for many years. 

The underlying AI layer on the Salesforce platform is called Einstien. Salesforce has teamed up with ServiceMax for getting the holistic view of an asset to ensure uptime, particularly important for hospitals and manufacturing setups. 

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