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Career Enhancement or Advancement refers to the upward progression of one’s career.

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7 Benefits of MBA after Engineering

Today, organisations seek more than just speciality qualifications while hiring for tech roles which are mostly filled by engineers. They need employees that can understand business environment and can lead teams in...

The online classes were helpful-Avantika Shukla, PGP DSBA

To continue learning and build your knowledge, it is important to upskill and stay up-to-date with the changing technologies. Data science and business analytics is a field that is currently growing. The...

The mentor support was great- Anish, PGP- DSBA

Data Science and Business Analytics continue to make the headlines in the technological world today. There is immense potential for growth and scope to build your career in this field. With a...

The capstone project was very helpful- Sambit, PGP- DSBA

Data Science and Business Analytics continue to grow. Upskilling in these domains can be helpful in your career. Read about Sambit’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course. 

Faculty support is great- Pranali, PGP AIML

To keep up with the changing trends, it is essential to continue learning. Read about Pranali’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course.  Tell...