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    Career Enhancement or Advancement refers to the upward progression of one’s career.

    get started with upskilling

    How to get started with Upskilling

    The job market today has become very dynamic as organizations are moving towards new technologies, adopting strategies to utilize data, and reinventing the traditional methods across functions. Therefore, it becomes essential for...

    Predicting Delinquency and Loan Default with Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and analyzing the performance...

    This is a project by Jai Kushwaha and Richa Agarwal presented at the SAMAROH Conference 2021. It also won the "Best Paper Award" in the same. The Banking...

    Top 3 Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

    Machine Learning (ML) is a pivotal application of Artificial Intelligence technology and has an enormous potential in a variety of areas including healthcare, business, education, and more.The fact that...
    Success Story Dustin Lee

    From chemical engineering to the field of machine learning – Dustin Lee, PGP AIML

    From chemical engineering to the field of machine learning, Dustin lee talks about his exciting journey, and Great Learning playing a pivotal role in it
    pgp dsba

    Always try to expand your learning horizons and never hesitate to invest in learning...

    In today's world, where new concepts are constantly being introduced and technology is changing, it is very important to upskill and learn new skills. Rightly said by...