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The activities associated with running a company, such as leading, controlling, monitoring, organizing, and planning is called Business Management.

digital marketing salary

Digital Marketing Salary: How much does a Digital Marketer Earn

A digital marketer works on marketing through several digital channels such as websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. They are responsible for developing, implementing and managing digital marketing campaigns that can...
Design thinking stages

Unique Ways to Use Design Thinking Stages at Work

The market is as evolving as ever, if not more during the current pandemic. The secret of staying relevant and ahead in such a dynamic environment is innovation - but constant innovation...
design thinking tools

Best Design Thinking Tools for Ideation Process

Design Thinking is a process that involves various stages. Each stage helps us in the ideation process and is supported by several design thinking tools. Before we move on to looking at...
online management courses

7 Benefits of MBA after Engineering

Today, organisations seek more than just speciality qualifications while hiring for tech roles which are mostly filled by engineers. They need employees that can understand business environment and can lead teams in...
Design thinking in software development

How to Use Design Thinking Principles in Software Development

At its core, Design Thinking emphasises on delivering a design that heroes empathy. How does design thinking apply to software you might ask - simply put, It helps software developers to design...