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    The activities associated with running a company, such as leading, controlling, monitoring, organizing, and planning is called Business Management.

    study digital marketing

    8 Reasons you Should Study Digital Marketing in 2021

    Introduction 8 reasons you should study Digital MarketingGrowing Demand for Digital MarketersEasy to Start a CareerDigital Marketing Gives you Entrepreneurial Skills Digital Marketing Jobs are Diverse and Popular Good Salary Packages Recession-Proof JobsCombines Creativity and Hard-Work Learn...
    design thinking myth

    Debunking 5 Myths about Design Thinking

    An increasing number of organizations have adopted design thinking in their business process and are repeating the benefits of the same. As IT leaders continue to seek innovation, the amount of misinformation...
    facebook marketing strategies

    Facebook marketing strategies you should start doing right now

    IntroductionFacebook Marketing Strategies that you Need to FollowKnow Your Audience It is Time for Goal SettingPlan your Content Mix (basically, your content)Incorporate Facebook Advertisement Page Optimization is the Key How to Measure the Success of...
    Samsung embraces Design Thinking

    Samsung’s Design Thinking Process: How Design Thinking worked

    IntroductionSamsung’s diversion towards design thinkingFactors that made Samsung adopt design thinkingSamsung’s turning point in the design thinking processHow design thinking worked for SamsungDesign thinking, a victory for Samsung?Is design thinking the...
    How Design Thinking is used for Sanitization

    Clean Team used the Design Thinking Process to create Home Toilets for Ghana’s Urban...

    IntroductionSteps of Design Thinking Involved in the ProcessIdeation Prototype & Testing Early Testing Results of Embracing Design Thinking  Introduction Are you thinking about refurbishing your washroom? What will...