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    Data Science is the study of data. It help us to developing methods of storing and analyzing data to useful information.


    Quality Education to Cope with Shortage of Data Science Talent

    As uses of technology continue to advance into new areas every day, we find ourselves living well within the age of big data. In fact, a 5000% growth was recorded in the...
    big data certification

    Top Big Data Certifications in 2021

    Today’s organizations are looking for opportunities to pull out the information from massive volumes of data available to them, they are also involved in the collection and analysis of the information/data and...

    A Decision- Support Tool for Optimum Loan to Asset Value- A Capstone Project

    This is a project presented by Subramanian Gopalakrishnan, Apurva Dhingra, Sahil Linjhara, George Varghese  and  Ankush Kharbanda, PGP DSBA students in the AICTE Sponsored Online International Conference on Data science, Machine learning...
    data science resume

    Data Science Resume – How to Build a Compelling Resume

    According to a prediction by IBM, there are 2.3 million Data Science Jobs in the US, and this number is said to grow 28% by the year 2021. Companies today are hard-pressed...
    Multinomial Logistic Regression

    Multinomial Logistic Regression

    Multinomial Logistic Regression is similar to logistic regression but with a difference, that the target dependent variable can have more than two classes i.e. multiclass or polychotomous. For example,...