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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.

    agile software development

    What is Agile Software Development and it’s Scrum Methodology

    The Agile software development model has been introduced to overcome the drawbacks of traditional software development models like the Waterfall Model. Agile software development is one of the essential topics covered in...
    azure lighthouse

    Everything you should know about Azure Lighthouse

    Azure Lighthouse is a service designed by Microsoft that provides advanced automation on Azure Cloud Services. It assures you to manage Azure estates of several customers and protects your IP management. 
    virtualization vs cloud computing

    Cloud Computing vs Virtualization: What is the right solution for your business?

    Raise your hands if you often get confused between Virtualization vs cloud computing?Though these two terms often seem interchangeable, the difference between both is significant enough to affect your business decisions. We’ll...
    cognitive computing

    Cognitive Computing and its Applications

    AI, ML, and Cognitive Computing are the most "wow words" of our time, not hyped at all, but it's mainly fascinating for breakthrough technological discoveries – Autonomous Vehicles, Quantum Computation, and Natural...
    capstone project

    Cloud Kitchen Cooks with Actionable Insights- A Capstone Project

    This is a project presented by Vivek Jodmote, Anish Karve & Arup Bansal, PGP DSBA students, in the AICTE Sponsored Online International Conference on Data science, Machine learning and its applications (ICDML-2020)....