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Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.

Usage Analysis of Water and Energy Meter Reading – Capstone Project

Project by Gunjan Kumar and Suneeja Babu Objective Traditionally, meter reading has been a manual process and it depended on physically recording the reading by...
feature image - AWS Management Console - Great Learning

AWS Management Console: All You Need To Know

Amazon Web Services is the gold standard of Cloud Computing and is easily one of the most used Cloud Computing platforms. With so many users across the globe, it is very important...
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AWS Certifications : Which AWS Certifications Should You Choose?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform which is easily the most talked about cloud platform. Amazon Web Services or AWS as we know it, also offers plenty of career opportunities. To...

PGP-CC covered all the essential concepts- Sneha Sarkate

Cloud Computing is a growing field, building a career in this field might prove to be very helpful. Read about Sneha's journey with Great Learning's PGP Cloud Computing Course.
Cloud Solutions Architect

Skills You Should Learn to Become a Successful Cloud Architect

Cloud Computing is a highly sought after domain. With its increasing demand, several people want to build a career in this domain. Cloud Computing has some popular role-based certifications, and one of...