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In this category, you will get to know about the Success Stories of MyGreatLearning students who got success in their respective fields post completion of their Certification Programs. Now they are sharing their experiences and success tips with all MyGreatLearning Program aspirants to help them similarly grow in their career path.

The faculty was inspiring- Revathy P L, PGP DSBA

Upskilling is the key to moving forward in your career. Since Data Science and Analytics is a growing field, it becomes important to keep up with the changing trends. Read about Revathy’s...

The course was well managed- Surendra Mishra, PGP- DSBA

The world of data science is growing rapidly. It is being integrated into the daily functions of most organisations today. This makes it important for you to learn the concepts and stay...

New topics are constantly being added to the course- Harshit Trivedi, PGP DSE

With Data Science and its technologies spanning to take over every industry today, the demand for jobs in this sector is also increasing. Read about Harshit’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data...

Faculty at Great Learning are extremely knowledgeable- Varna, PGP- DSE

If you wish to make a shift in your career or undergo a career transition, upskilling is essential since it allows you to learn more about the domain and acquire the required...

All the latest industry practices were covered- Vinay Kumar, PGP- CC

Cloud Computing has become popular than ever before. It has made waves in the IT, Technology, and Business worlds. Read about Vinay Kumar's journey with Great Learning's PGP Cloud Computing Course.