66% of our participants have made successful transitions across business and functional roles within 6 months to 12 months of completing the PGP-BABI program. This is because of the following career support services/placement assistance we provide to our learners and alumni in the PGP-BABI program

  1. Portfolio Creation – Considering that most candidates do not have prior experience in analytics, during the program, we enable you to work on a number of mini projects and a final capstone project. These then we automatically organize into your e-Portfolio, a highly shareable and succinct summary of your body of work. Several participants have described their portfolio as one of the most important aspects that was discussed during the recruitment process and which ultimately led them to a job.
  2. Resume Building Sessions – Your resume plays a crucial part in getting you shortlisted. Resume building sessions ensure that your resume reflects the attributes that most recruiters and hiring managers look for when hiring for analytical job roles. They help you highlight aspects of your professional experience that are most important for the roles you are applying for. Recognizing key strengths and areas of development during these sessions also helps you further identify skills that you need to develop to position your candidature in the strongest possible manner for employers.

    pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning
  3. Interview Preparation Workshops – During the interview preparation workshops, we discuss commonly asked questions that help you make the most of the interview opportunities you will encounter. The key aspect of transitioning into analytics roles involves showcasing your skill set and readiness for analytics roles. During the interview skills development workshop, you will learn how to use your e-portfolio in the most impactful manner to describe your skills set and employability.
  4. Industry and Peer network – During the program, participants spend significant time with industry experts who come to teach in the classes and mentor capstone projects. Several candidates stay in touch with their mentors and industry guests even after the program and if there is a mutual interest, some have found transitions through them. Similarly, there are a number of instances where classmates have hired each other as they were building teams within their organizations. All of this becomes possible because of the significant time participants spend with each other on their assessments, projects, and group activities.
  5. Great Lakes Job Board – Our learner success team constantly endeavours to bring you the best analytics job opportunities in the market. As a PGP-BABI participant, you get to access the Great Lakes Job Board during and after you have graduated from the program. Our team posts round 30-40 job opportunities each month for our candidates. We also have tie-ups with several organizations that are looking to build their analytical capabilities and all this information is timely posted on the job board for our learners and alumni to act upon.

    pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning


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