When you realise that the graduate certificate you hold doesn’t align with the fast-changing job requirements. You can’t sit back, regret and wait for a change to happen when the whole world is moving forward. You have to take charge of the situation and upskill yourself. This can be hard, but if you make your next big career decision after carefully studying future job demands, things can be smooth. Nityashree choose to take charge of the situation and went on to lead a more prosperous and balanced life, both professional and personal.

What is your professional background?
I completed my engineering in Electrical, Electronics and Communications in 2012. I got placed via campus recruitment at TCS as a NET developer. I worked for banking domain for 3 years, where I was more on the front end web application development using Net. The client encouraged us to employ analytics to understand market trends better and it was very efficient. I noticed an increase in job demands across this field, which sparked a curiosity in me to know more about this field. That’s when I decided to pursue a career in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. After thorough research on where to begin, I joined Great Learning, Chennai, to pursue my course in BABI.

How did you zero in at GL? Were there any other options?
I intended to pursue Post Graduation from abroad, so I gave GMA, TOEFL, etc. Meanwhile, I  also started analysing the pros and cons of the next big step in my career and decided to look for colleges that accept the scorecards of the exams given in India. I wanted to apply for Great Lakes MBA program, but I had already missed deadlines. Then I was pitched about Great learning and its Post Graduation analytics program. It was perfect for me. I realised this would be the best way forward for a robust career since job demands were significantly rising in this domain moreover, it would help me to balance my work and personal life.

What did you like the most in Great Learning?
The prime reason for me to join this program was because  “The courses were exclusively tailored for professionals like me who wanted to upskill but still work and keep professional and personal life at balance.” I was entirely new to analytics. The course helped me with the basics about it in the best possible way. It provided flexibility during my maternity leave while I was in the program and helped my transition smoothly with the knowledge shared by experienced faculties.

How was your overall experience with Great Learning?
The experience with Great Learning was terrific. We got different genres of professors who were good academically and professionally. They gave live, real-time examples which were easy to understand and drew insights for everyone.
Great Learning was different “it was never a book reading-type” experience where a faculty comes in, teach and leave. Staying away from the traditional classroom model, at GL each session with faculties was interactive and brainstorming, where they clarified our doubts multiple times during the entire class and year.

What would be your advice to future aspirants?
Future aspirants are already smart if they have decided to upskill themselves to meet the changing job demands. I would appreciate them for choosing this stream as a career. Aspirants have a bright future ahead of them. However, they should not restrict themselves to what is being taught in class as I feel that most of the job description these days is getting more challenging and complex in terms of skills and one needs to upskill and be good at everything. I also advise them to learn things from classmates and take every project and class seriously since this could help them a lot when they start their career.
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