Data Science has been making the waves in the news for a few years now. The field has shown massive growth and is considered as one of the sexiest jobs of 2019. Upskilling in this domain can prove to be very beneficial to you. Even if you’re not from a programming background, it is possible to learn data science with the help of some guidance and courses. Tharshini was from a non-programming background but was able to complete the PGP Data Science and Engineering Course at Great Learning. Read more about her journey with the course and how she benefited from it in her own words. 

Tell us about your professional background, and how was your experience with the PGP Data Science and Engineering Course? 

While everyone is making a career transition into the field of Data science, I want to start my career in this domain. Coming from a non-programming background, I always wondered if I could do this or not. But it never stopped me from what I want to become in the future. According to me, choosing Great learning was the correct decision. While being a fresher who doesn’t have much knowledge about coding, the Great learning faculty were very supportive and made the basics and concepts of all the course topics very clear to me. 

How was the course curriculum?

With a very-well structured curriculum and organized full-time classes, Great Learning was a very comfortable platform to learn and practise my skills. Thank you Great learning for making me believe in myself for choosing a Data science course with no prior experience in it. 

For more such success stories, watch this space. Upskill today and unlock your dream career too. 

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