Recruiters are now looking to hire individuals who have data science skills. Data science and its applications have paved their way into almost every industry today. Upskilling in this domain can help you improve your career and reach greater heights. Suriya Prabha joined Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course to upskill. Read further to know about Suriya’s journey with Great Learning’s program.

I started the PGP Data Science and Engineering course in Great Learning. I have completed my course in April, but I am continuing to learn a lot through Great Learning. There are several blogs, video recordings and other study material that is available to you and can help you in studying the concepts at your own time. Every topic in our syllabus is covered very clearly, and I don’t feel the need to study any of the course concepts by force, I can understand them clearly.  The course content was well structured and was comprehensive as well. I now feel that I am very strong in the basics of data science topics.

Every lecturer in our Great learning program has industrial and practical knowledge, so it helped me a lot to understand all the topics clearly in both theory and practical aspects. This is very helpful once you enter the job market. Because of Great learning, I was able to confidently face my interview and score well in all the technical rounds too. But, Great Learning not only covered the technical concepts, but they arranged aptitude sessions, aptitude tests, and various business case studies with industrial data scientists as well. This was very helpful in my overall confidence during the interview processes. Thanks to great learning for my career change.

For more such success stories, watch this space. 

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